Welcome To The 12th Annual Juryrig Crew White Elephant Party

Hosted by The Captain and Lady Nancy


5:00 PM Doors Open

7:00 Dinner

9:00 Gift Exchange Begins

Crashing Over

Crash space is always available, we want to keep you and everyone else on the road safe!


Please see the lodging section for details on staying over.

Text Box: Parking Instructions:
For safety reasons please DO NOT park on Doncaster Drive.  
We ask that you park on Live Oak Ct which is directly across the street from our home. 
Please be kind to our neighbors by not blocking anyone's driveway and be mindful of noise when leaving

SEE the EVITE for the address

And CONTACT detail

The Quarterdeck Tavern, A 1700’s Dockside Ordinary

Pot Luck Dinner Details:

As usual the evenings dinner will be pot luck. Please post in your Evite RSVP what you are bringing.

Also take a look at what others are bringing when deciding on your own dish. If things really get whacky as far as dishes (remember the year of all meat dishes?) I will try and put a note up in the “Event Conversation” section on Evite.

Please be prepared to take your leftovers home with you. !

The Quarterdeck Tavern Bar


You are more than welcome to BYOB—there will be coolers outside for you to stash your beers in. please DO NOT use the inside refrigerator.  All beers left behind get added to the misfit beer collection for future visitors.


The Tavern Bar will Be open and works on a donation system. The requested donations are:

Misfit Beers: $2

Tap Beer $2

Frozen Drinks $2

Mixed Drinks $4


The tap beer, misfit beers and frozen drinks are self serve. The bar is not self serve, but should be staffed most of the evening.

White Elephant Details:


The White Elephant is a blind gift exchange. All gifts should arrive wrapped and be handed off to the designated gift host upon arrival.

Gift Guidelines:


NO GLITTER, No glitter wrapping paper, no gifts that contain glitter, No exceptions


One gift per person, and please only one gift per “couple”


There are NO RULES as to what can be gifted, Examples from years past include: Booze, Old Tennis Shoes, Yeager shot chilling machine, NSYNC action figures, “Toys”, etc, etc, etc. Nothing is too over the top !If you give a gag gift like old tennis shoes add something fun, like booze too.


If you purchase a gift please keep it under $25.00


Text Box: Yes, this is a garbed event.
No kids.
This invitation is to crew members, significant others of crew members and others invited by the Captain and Lady Nancy.
Please do not bring additional guests.

Tavern Customs


The Quarterdeck Tavern maintains the customs of a tall ship wardroom.


As such we ask all guests to refrain from conversations of  politics and religion while in attendance.

The White Elephant Party is the annual winter gathering for the The Juryrig Crew, The Vigilant Crew, The Company of Port Tortuga and special guests. Please review the entire page for important details about the event.

Lost and Found Auction:


We will be doing an auction on all of the lost and found items abounded at the QD, proceeds to benefit The Company of Port Tortuga:


Tavern Lodging


Crash space is available and we encourage people to be smart and stay over if they are not safe to drive. We can accommodate 23 in the house and 7 more in the heated garage This is a combination of couches, air mattress spaces, cot spaces and bedrooms. RESERVATION ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and required for air mattress.


To reserve space please email Duncan (lprobbins at Comcast dot net) and include the following: How many, air mattress size or cot size and any preferences. A lodging confirmation will be sent out before the party.