Welcome To The Annual Juryrig Crew Snow Tubing Trip

Hosted by The Captain and Lady Nancy

Saturday January 28th 2017

Tubing Details:


The tickets for tubing will be purchased in advance so that we have no delay upon arriving.


The tickets are $40 which includes a surcharge added to cover getting these tickets picked up earlier in the day.  Any remaining funds will be put towards food upon our return to the QD


I will coordinate car pooling so that we are taking the minimum number of cars up. We will be seeking some designated drivers for vehicles. Please indicate if you can drive in your RSVP


For those not driving we will pack Camel-Backs with tasty drinks to keep us warm on the slopes. If you have a Camel back please brink it along with tasty stuff to put in it.



The Quarterdeck Address

4618 Doncaster Dr

Ellicott City MD

The Quarterdeck Tavern, A 1700’s Dockside Ordinary

The Quarterdeck Tavern Bar


You are more than welcome to BYOB—there is space for coolers outside or you can use the basement fridge if there is room. All beers left behind get added to the misfit beer collection for future visitors.


The Tavern Bar will Be open and works on a donation system. The requested donations are:

Misfit Beers: $2

Draft Beer $2

Frozen Drinks $2

Mixed Drinks $3


The beers, cider and frozen drinks are self serve. The bar is not self serve, but should be staffed most of the evening.

Text Box: This is NOT a garbed event.
You may bring kids, but the post tubing evening may be PG-13
This invitation is to crew members, significant others of crew members and others invited by the Captain and Lady Nancy.
Please ask before inviting additional guests.

Tavern Customs


The Quarterdeck Tavern maintains the customs of a tall ship wardroom.


As such we ask all guests to refrain from conversations of  politics and religion while in attendance.

Tavern Lodging


Crash space is available and we encourage people to be smart and stay over if they are not safe to drive. We can accommodate 23 in the house and 7 more in the heated garage This is a combination of couches, air mattress spaces, cot spaces and bedrooms. RESERVATION ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and required for air mattress.


To reserve space please email Duncan (lprobbins at Comcast dot net) and include the following: How many, air mattress size or cot size and any preferences. A lodging confirmation will be sent out before the party.

Well it’s 2017 and time to again attempt to do the snow tubing trip, and you do not have to go tubing to participate in the event. If you want to attend but not tube you are welcome to arrive at the QD anytime AFTER 8PM.


The QD will provide snacks and we will probably order out for some food once the tubing crew arrives back.


Crash space is available but you must EMAIL ME for crash space reservations.


2:00 PM Doors Open for those tubing

3:00 PM Depart for snow tubing

5:00 PM 2 Hour Snow Tubing Session

8:00 PM QD opens for those not tubing

8:30 PM Estimated time for tubers to arrive back

After party at the QD till ????????

Tubing Tickets & Cancellation Policy:


Tickets must be purchased in advance to attend the event. I ask that you purchase by 1/27, but will accommodate late reservations if I can.


Please use this link to purchase:

Lloyds Square Storefront


You may cancel with full refund up to 5:00PM on Friday the 27th. After that point I will not be able to provide a refund.